The Social and Psychological Benefits of Online Gaming

Positive emotions

Positive emotions may be triggered by playing computer games. For example, playing Super Monkey Ball 2, a platform game, could cause a player to experience positive emotions. The game involves jumping between suspended platforms and avoiding obstacles. It also contains both positive and negative events. Despite these effects, the research concludes that playing computer games could produce positive emotions.

Research has shown that virtual reality (VR) content can evoke positive emotions, including a sense of relaxation. This effect has been observed in healthy individuals and in those suffering from anxiety disorders. Studies have also suggested that virtual reality games may help people improve their well-being by generating nonspecific action tendencies.


There are several reasons why playing games online can help you relax. For starters, playing games will help you control your emotions. However, it is important to find a balance between digital fun and real life. You should exercise, get plenty of sleep, and eat nutritious foods. This way, you can enjoy the calming effects of gaming for longer.

In addition, playing games online can boost your self-esteem. Many people feel happier and more confident when they win at an online game. This is a good thing because positive emotions are protective factors that help you recover idn poker from stressful situations. However, if you are consistently losing in a game, it can make your stress level increase.

Stress reduction

The study compared the stress reduction benefits of two different games – Mortal Kombat and Tetris. It found that participants who played Mortal Kombat experienced a reduced cardiovascular stress response. The study also found that participants in both groups experienced less negative emotional responses after playing the games. Participants in both groups also reported that they play the games for stress relief.

Playing games has been proven to reduce stress in many ways. It increases brain power, builds specific skills and allows players to take their minds off stressors. It also boosts the immune system.


Online gamers are known to spend a considerable amount of time interacting with other gamers in online social networks. This can have both positive and negative effects on the gaming environment. While the in-game social interaction can create a strong sense of community, it can also cause individuals to feel isolated and withdrawn. This can lead to a range of psychological problems including gaming disorder.

Studies have found that many people who play online games have improved visual and problem solving skills. They also report improved mental activity, related to their ability to concentrate on the game environment and suppress distractions.