Security Patrol Vehicles Are Dangerous

Mobile patrol automobile located to be risky

There is an growth in security agencies the use of sub-contracted security guards to perform cell patrols because it is inexpensive for the organization and transfers all of the hazard to the only dealer walking his personal car.

This is dangerous for the character shield who thinks that this is a superb manner to earn a few more money and force their personal vehicle round at night time time. An critical message is that these people are responsible for all safety and damages arising from their business because it’s far their car.

I turned into requested to look at a protection enterprise that have been the issue of some proceedings concerning hazardous vehicles and forcing different guards to use them to conduct cellular patrols. The proprietor become maintaining all of the profits and now not repairing any cars despite the fact that the guards have been requesting the owner to make the vehicles safe to pressure.

A function to play

Due to the nature of the complaints and evidence vital to gather I had to come to be an employee of the agency to see first hand if the reports have been accurate and to confirm that the owner had been knowledgeable that the vehicles were dangerous.

I attended the office for my interview and I ought to see security patrol melbourne that his business changed into being run from his residence and shabby motors have been in the driveway. This is not a sign of a healthy and compliant commercial enterprise. Within a couple of minutes I have been employed and given an creation to my patrol vehicle, one of the shabby twins inside the drive, and given the keys with a run sheet for the patrol this night.

My Security patrol vehicle

I even have driven in demolition derbies with higher automobiles than this one. There have been numerous dents all over the panels showing signs of rust from months in the past likely. I requested the owner for a car checklist so I could investigate the auto before I drove it. He laughed and informed me that it drives and that I have to be glad with that. He advised me his mechanic checks the vehicle every month and has given a clean invoice of fitness to date.

The vehicle had orange flashing mild bar at the roof and a hand painted brand of the safety company at the the front doors. I opened the door and were given to force the car away. I drove away with the run sheet in my hand, no schooling in his tactics or the run and I puzzled how people like him ever get to be in rate of a protection company.

Under the bonnet

After I had pushed to a close-by carpark I arranged to have the car inspected by using an approved mechanic understanding that the record will become evidence later in court docket. While I waited I recorded all of the material and items within the car with readings of all the applicable signs. I had added my camera alongside and commenced to take all of the photos I wished to expose the volume of the damages and symptoms of misrepair.

I have had advanced driving education in defensive and offensive drills with vehicles but I was still frightened to force this car a brief distance to the mechanic because the brakes weren’t operating and I had to use the hand brake and gears to stop.